Dior Builders, Inc. constructed the nations first home according to the strict Health House standards issued by the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest. Dior Builders, Inc. continues their eco-friendly initiatives with Healthy Home, a groundbreaking project that bridges the gap between sustainable design and healthier indoor air quality.

Mariel Hemingway did attend Healthy Home Gala

Actress Mariel Hemingway was in Chicago to share her passion for green living at Healthy Home.

Event: see photos below.

Healthy House Organization honors Dior Builders, Inc.

Dior Builders, Inc. is committed to advancing the green movement in the luxury home industry – taking it to a new level where human health and the environment are top priority. Dior Builders, Inc. is proud to present clients with eco-friendly home options including sustainable technology with a focus on air quality, low-impact and locally sourced materials, water conservation, energy efficient and energy star certified technology.

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